Mon 07 Nov 2022

Be honest with yourself - Talk Money Week Part 1

Talk Money Week is an annual campaign that is designed to get people talking about money. All of us involved in the financial advice profession are well aware of the ability for money to be a source of stress and anxiety. Advice and planning can help to mitigate this. But so too can the simple act of talking about it. This week we look at who you should be talking with.

The most important person to talk to is yourself, in particular to ask yourself what your personal goals and objectives are: what is important to you in life?  Only when you have had this conversation can you then go on to do the financial planning necessary to support and help facilitate the future that you want.

Whilst doing this long term planning, it is also important to deal with any more immediate issues that may require more urgent attention. Go through the basics of reviewing your income and expenditure and having an awareness of whether there is a shortfall, or perhaps you are fortunate enough to have excess income but are you then using this in a constructive fashion or rather is it sitting in your current account and gradually being frittered away.  Be honest with yourself.

Now that you are aware of the short term issues, and have an idea about your long term goals, then you are in the position to put a financial plan in place, either yourself or through seeking independent financial advice.

Tomorrow we will go on to discuss talking about finances with your partner.


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