With a track record spanning over 30 years, we can offer you expert advice on all legal matters relating to space and transport-related projects.

How we serve the space sector

Scotland's space industry has become one of the most innovative in the world, and we're proud to have played a part in this. With a history spanning over 30 years, we’ve advised on legal matters across space and transport projects. Our deep understanding of this sector's challenges and opportunities helps us support many groundbreaking advancements. 

Expertise driven by sustainability and innovation

As Scotland cements its position as Europe's leading small satellite maker, our team stands at the forefront. We're deeply involved with Scotland's bold vision. This includes launching space capabilities, generating jobs and becoming a key player in the global space market. Because of this, our expertise goes beyond legal advice. We have a deep grasp of the sector's strategic and commercial aims, especially concerning sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

Shaping Scotland’s space sector

Our track record in supporting space-related projects is as diverse as it is impressive. More than just advising clients, we’ve been integral in shaping the legal framework that supports this expanding sector. From advising on regulatory frameworks to ensuring compliance with environmental standards, we’re fully committed to sustainability-led growth in space exploration. 

A comprehensive partnership

Scotland’s space sector has many moving parts. That’s why you need a legal partner that understands every issue you might face. As your legal partner, we’ll help you with all aspects of space and transport-related projects. This includes: 


  • Regulatory Matters 
  • Operational Estates 
  • Leases 
  • Planning and Consents 
  • Environmental Issues 
  • Procurement 
  • Construction Contracts 
  • Intellectual Property 
  • Data Protection 
  • Finance 
  • Tax 
  • Employment 
  • Dispute Resolution 
  • Health and Safety 


By bringing all this to the table, we’re able to handle all the legal aspects of your space project. With us in the wings, you’ll have more time to focus more on innovation and growth. 

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