Media law is a dynamic, specialised area. Our expert media lawyers understand what is at stake for clients in terms of avoiding penalties and protecting reputations.

Media law is fast-moving, shaped by tech advances and shifts in digital communications. We have specialised expertise to keep pace. Our team can advise on all legal issues related to publishing, from avoiding defamation to securing copyright consents and license agreements. 


Our clients include national broadcasters, SMEs, big brands, tech firms, and public bodies. Across the UK, we support businesses with our dual-qualified team in Scotland, England, and Wales. 

How we serve the media sector

As technology and digital communication evolve, so does media law. That’s why our specialists are always highly informed. We can guide you through every legal aspect of publishing, from avoiding defamation to securing copyright consents and licenses. Our clients range from national broadcasters to tech start-ups and public organisations, all benefiting from our comprehensive, friendly advice. 

Specialist expertise for a complex sector

Our team of top-tier lawyers (many with dual qualifications across Scotland, England, and Wales), have a great deal of media expertise. Well-versed in the intricacies of the Copyright, Designs, and Patent Act 1988, we can offer you insights into complex copyright issues. We always keep updated on the latest legal developments, ensuring our advice is as accurate and relevant as possible. 

A strong track record in the media sector

We have successfully tackled many high-profile cases in the media sector. Our analysis of the "monkey selfie copyright dispute" is a fitting example. This case showcased our expert handling of the legal complexities of this sector. When copyright ownership, creativity, technology, and intellectual property collide, we can help you meet your legal challenges head on. 

Working in partnership with our clients

We don't want you to see us as just a legal team. We’re your partner, working closely you to understand your unique needs and challenges. If you’re a photographer worried about protecting your rights, we’ll offer practical, tailored advice, such as how to use copyright notices.  


Rather than simply offering legal solutions, we want to empower our clients in the media sector. That’s why we want to make sure you fully understand your rights, from the ins and outs of hyperlinking to freely available photographs. The digital landscape can be a confusing place. Our partnership will help you cut through the complexity, ensuring you can navigate it with confidence.  

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