Our top-ranked team of family lawyers, based in Glasgow and Edinburgh, specialises in all areas of family law, offering you expert guidance and support. 

Renowned for our expertise, our family lawyers handle all areas of Scottish family law, including divorce, separation, international cases, prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, civil partnerships, child law, adoption and family mediation.

Whatever you're facing, we approach each case with the utmost compassion and discretion. Clients describe us as an 'exceptionally strong team' in Chambers UK, and this reflects the depth of our family lawyers’ knowledge and consistent success in securing favourable outcomes for clients, both in and out of the courtroom.

We bring significant experience to all aspects of family law, but particularly the most complex and contentious situations. Our clientele includes high net worth individuals, professionals, expats, entrepreneurs, and high-profile figures, who value our expertise and discretion. With English qualified family law solicitors in the team, we can also represent clients in the English Court and intra UK disputes.

Notwithstanding our strong litigation profile, where possible, we are committed to resolving disputes through negotiation and discussion. Our family lawyers’ expertise covers a multitude of options for dispute resolution,  including Arbitration, mediation under both the Scottish and English legal systems, highlighting our commitment to tailored solutions.

Serving Scotland, England and clients worldwide from our offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh, we are ready to guide you through complex family law matters with dedicated support.

How our expert family lawyers can support you

No one plans for divorce or separation – these are amongst the most stressful events in life – but around 10,000 couples in Scotland go through this each year.

We are committed to guiding you through the divorce process with dignity to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family. Our  expertise ranges from the very complex financial agreements and / or litigated disputes involving businesses, international assets, children Trusts, and  more straightforward financial provision. 

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If your relationship has hit troubled waters but you are not sure yet whether you want to separate from your partner or divorce your spouse, a "separation agreement", capturing all the aspects of your agreement on children and financials, could be a good option for you. We can talk you through all the elements that need consideration and advise on the path that meets your individual needs.

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We know your main concern is often what will happen to your children, and can advise on what options are available to you to resolve where children will live after divorce, as well as matters such as child maintenance and school fees.

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We can help if you are planning to get married (or are already happily married) but want to agree what would happen to some or all of your assets if you were to separate.

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We have extensive experience of advising on international divorce, supporting expats or those with overseas assets going through divorce in Scotland or England. So wherever you are in the world, if you have connections to the UK, then we may be able to apply the law in Scotland or England, as the jurisdiction in which you divorce can affect outcomes. 

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If your former partner has taken your child to another country, or you wish to relocate yourself, we can help by securing the right return orders. The circumstances which lead to children being taken somewhere else is complex, and we have the right team to ensure that all parties reach common ground.

International Family Law Advice

There is widespread misunderstanding and confusion about the rights and responsibilities of unmarried couples when they separate – we can provide essential advice to help you navigate your way through this.

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If buying a house or moving in together (but not marrying), an agreement setting out what would happen if you separate can be invaluable.

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We have qualified and accredited family law mediators and arbitrators for those looking to resolve their disputes outwith court – often at a reduced cost to raising court action. 

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As one of the few firms in the UK to have family lawyers qualified in both Scots and English law, we can provide advice on both legal systems.

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We have specialist expertise in how the parties' business asset value can be shared. Our full-service offering means we can draw on the expertise of other services within the firm to enhance the advice we offer.

If you’re involved in farming and are facing relationship breakdown, we can help. In fact, we’ve “written the book” on this area of law. There are unique and complex issues which arise for farmers and their spouses, and we have a proven track record of dealing with high-value farming divorce cases with successful outcomes. 

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If you are looking to adopt, we can guide you through the complex process to make it as stress-free as possible. Our specialist child lawyers will be with you through every stage of the process. If you want to find out how to go about adopting a child from the very beginning of the process or are needing specific advice part-way through, our experts are on hand to assist. 

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We have experience in applying for guardianship on behalf of family members (whether young or old) who can no longer make decisions for themselves.

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We will give you clear advice on how to respond to, or progress with, court proceedings. We will provide you with direct guidance on strategy including striking the proper balance between cost and benefit. This ensures that your position is advanced both robustly and sensibly. 

We are expert litigators who are highly experienced in helping clients navigate the process and will adopt a holistic approach to your case which we believe secures the best outcome for you. 

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