Wed 01 May 2019

Kristina of Bon Tot talks financial security

The vast majority of people only seek legal advice as and when they need it, and more often than not, this tends to be at the eleventh hour - that final moment of time before it is too late.

Here at Morton Fraser we want to change the moment when you think you need help - we want to be working with you and catch things before that time comes.



Have you thought about the future?

No matter how much you think you've got it together, life has a funny old way of dealing an unexpected hand. Sometimes you're left wondering, 'what do I do now?' or 'how do I deal with this?' in these moments, it seems that nothing makes sense and there is nowhere to turn for answers. 

We aim to provide the shouldering support you may seek from family and friends while joining the dots on the stuff they can't answer - the details of the legal side of things. We want to help you achieve security and to protect you and your family - help make those choices in life. Like, when can I retire? Will my pension fund my lifestyle? Can I afford to move house? 

We aim to do this in the straightest possible way, translating the jargon and making sure everything is clear from start to finish. So we start with asking, where do you want to get to? … and use the law of Wills Power of Attorney Financial and Tax Planning and Trusts to get there.

We can't tell you what lies ahead…..But we can make the journey more secure. 

Kristina - Bon Tot

Kristina is co-founder of Bon Tot a baby and toddler boutique. Bon Tot exists to offer families a carefully curated collection of design-led children's clothing and toys (often modelled by her own bon tot, Clemence!).

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