Fri 11 Nov 2022

What are your hopes and dreams? - Talk Money Week Part 5

Talk Money Week is an annual campaign that is designed to get people talking about money. All of us involved in the financial advice profession are well aware of the ability for money to be a source of stress and anxiety. Advice and planning can help to mitigate this.  But so too can the simple act of talking about it. This week we look at who you should be talking with.

This week we have talked about the conversations you need to have with yourself, your partner, older relatives, and children.

Too often there is a reticence to talk about money with people, and the conversations we have been discussing this week are not necessarily about money but more conversations about hopes and dreams and goals and objectives. Money is then sometimes a factor in how and when these can be achieved, but it is only by knowing where you want to end up that you can then plan a route to get you there.

As is often said, financial planning is a process not a one-off event.  At Morton Fraser that manifests itself in us providing not just one-off advice to our clients, but then a review process, typically annually but more frequently if required, to ensure that things are on track and to "trim the sails" as all the various winds of change attempt to blow you off course. 

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