Thu 12 Sep 2013

Employment tribunal statistics 2012 - 2013

Every year statistics are published on the number and nature of Employment Tribunal claims which have been raised.    

The latest statistics (covering the period from 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013) have just been published by the Ministry of Justice and show a rise (3%) in the number of Employment Tribunal (ET) claims, with an overall total of 191,541 claims.

The more detailed statistics reveal some interesting trends.

The largest sum awarded by the Tribunal in 2012-13 was £387,472 and was awarded in a disability discrimination claim. High awards were also made in unfair dismissal and sex discrimination claims. You will notice from the figures below that the highest unfair dismissal award of £236,147 is in excess of the statutory cap of £74,200 but remember that this cap does not apply where the unfair dismissal is for whistleblowing or for raising certain health and safety issues.

The number of costs awards made by Tribunals in 2012/2013 has fallen from 1,410 last year to 651 with 522 of those awards being to the Respondent (note though that in 2011/2012, 800 of these awards involved a multiple case involving 800 claimants and a £4,000 cost award to the Respondent). The maximum costs award was £54,740. The median figure is £1,842 (an increase from last year's figure of £1,730, calculated by excluding the 800 awards and substituting them with one award of £4,000).

I’ve listed the maximum, median and average awards for unfair dismissal and discrimination claims:-


Maximum Award

Median Award

Average Award

Unfair Dismissal




Race Discrimination




Sex Discrimination




Disability Discrimination




Religious Discrimination




Sexual Orientation Discrimination




Age Discrimination




For more statistics see Compensation awards in discrimination claims survey.

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