Tue 08 Oct 2019

National Work Week- Is it Easy to Adapt to a Work Life Balance?

Q1. What was the main factor that lead you to apply for flexible working? I live in Pitlochry in highland Perthshire so being able to work from home clearly cuts down on what would otherwise be a 2 hour commute each way.  Also as the Firm's HR Director, responsible for the policy, I think it is important be seen to be using it in my role.

Q2. Have there been any benefit of flexible working that has surprised you?

To be honest I am used to working flexibly in my role in other organisations for a number of years now: so the advantages of flexible working such as being able to concentrate, work on projects and cut down on the commute are well known to me and I think they have significant advantages for the Firm too.

Q3. How easy has it been to adapt to a work life balance?

I have found it both easy and welcome.  It allows me to concentrate on the bigger projects I am working on and I appreciate the lack of distraction when my concentration is really needed.

Q4. What are the benefits of flexible working to you and your workplace?

I get to work at times which suit me and I avoid 4 hours travelling time each day I work form home as well as the associated expense.  For the Firm, I am still available for all my meetings and for consultation as I am connected to everyone through technology.  It also means I am able to deliver big projects on time as I get the quiet time to think .

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