Thu 30 Jan 2020

Working Flexibly

Flexible working works.  It works for us as an employer and it works for our people.

Here at Morton Fraser our People Strategy is about helping our people to be the best they can be.  We know that our people have busy lives and not just at work.  We know that sometimes life interrupts.  It is at times like these that people need to know that their employer has their back.  Work can be demanding and sometimes stressful and when people need to work flexibly due to life's demands or because they want to balance the needs of say their family with their work commitments, we understand that they don't need their employer adding to their challenges.

At Morton Fraser, we implemented agile working, an extension of flexible working around two years ago.  Our view is very much that in a world which is increasingly connected, work should be what you do, not where you go.  That's why we give our people the ability to work in a way that fits their lifestyle whilst at the same time ensuring that we meet the needs of our clients - it is a win-win situation.  And it is one that is very much supported by people who work here.

Flexible working at Morton Fraser has been extended to agile working and that means people work in a variety of different ways from working at home, starting later and working later, part time working and everything in between.  Almost half of our people have agile working arrangements and when asked, more than 95% of our people felt confident about asking their manager to work flexibly.  Of course, it is true that some people love coming into the office to work because they enjoy the connection with others, or simply because that is just their personal preference.

We are clear that this works for our clients too.  Time and again client say they love working with us because they see us as approachable, friendly and aligned to how they themselves like to work.  Being user-friendly like this as a law firm is something which marks us out as different. Positively different.

In short, working flexibly works for us, our people and our clients. 

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