Wed 21 Jun 2023

Road safety charity, Brake - After the Crash Conference

Jenny Dickson and I travelled to Manchester to attend Brake's After the Crash Conference. The focus for the Conference was to showcase excellence in care for road victims. 

We heard from speakers representing Brake, the police including their Family Liaison Officers, academics, charities and psychologists, all of whom spoke about how to provide the best level of care during the worst time in someone's life.  We were humbled to hear from road safety campaigners who had first-hand experience of the support Brake provide. Their experiences brought home just how crucial Brake's National Road Victim Service is to those who have suffered catastrophic injuries and families who have lost loved ones. 

Whilst Brake wants to ensure everyone receives excellent post-crash care, their ultimate goal is to stop road deaths and injuries. Commander Kyle Gordon of the Metropolitan Police made some particularly thought-provoking comments on public attitudes towards road safety, and the perception that the work of those policing the roads is not as vital as those investigating other crimes, such as child trafficking or murder.  He questioned why, given that every five hours someone is killed on a UK road and every seventeen minutes someone is seriously injured, this is the case.  Commander Gordon offered one explanation that many of us break the law whilst driving.  This could be due to exceeding the speed limit, not stopping when the traffic light has just turned to red, or neglecting to ensure that your vehicle is compliant with the law (which apparently 7 million of the 38 million vehicles on the roads in the UK are not).  Commander Gordon suggested that as many of us will have committed these crimes, there is reticence towards road safety and an unwillingness to tackle the issue. 

If this is the case, ultimately this means that no matter what is done to make our roads safer, including legislating and spending on maintaining and improving our road networks, they will never be safe places to be. So, the only way to ensure our roads are safe is for each and every one of us to take responsibility for our own actions and behaviour on the roads, comply with the law, and call out those who do not.  

Until the situation improves, accidents and crashes will continue to occur.  We have previously written an article which sets out what to do in the event you are involved in a crash and providing guidance on the road traffic accident claims process.  At Morton Fraser, we strive to provide excellent customer care to all our clients.  In progressing personal injury claims, we take a trauma-informed approach.  We understand that no two claims are the same and every client's needs are different.  Our specialised Personal Injury team work closely with clients to ensure they retain control of their case by being involved in every step of the process.  In this way, we ensure they receive the advice and support they need and deserve.

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