Fri 24 Nov 2023

Road Safety Week 2023: Slow down and check for motorcyclists

The theme for this year's Brake, Road Safety Week campaign is "Let's talk speed". 

Motorcyclists make up only 1% of road users in the UK, but account for around 17-20% of road user deaths. According to the Department for Transport, in the year ending June 2022 there was 346 reported fatalities and 17,171 casualties involving motorcyclists. When a motorcyclist is in an accident, even with all of the required safety equipment, they remain more susceptible to injury than those travelling in a car. The changes to the Highway Code in 2022 recognised the vulnerability of motorcyclists and have now categorised motorcycle riders as being most vulnerable road users alongside pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders. More information on the changes of the highway code and the 'hierarchy of road users' can be found in this article.

In today's society, a lot of people are in a hurry. Whether that is to get from A to B quicker or not carrying out lifesaving checks whilst driving, to save some time. It is important to slow down and check again for motorcyclists. An average car has blind spots in both left and right rear sides meaning that a motorcycle could go unseen in the wing mirror more easily than a car, van or lorry. Make sure to check your blind spots either by looking over your shoulder or by investing in a blind spot mirror that can be added to your wingmirror to increase the area of vision. This additional check before manoeuvring could be the difference between a safe manoeuvre and a potentially fatal collision.  

Motorcycles are typically a lot smaller than other road users such as cars, vans or lorries. This can make them harder to spot at a glance. As a car driver it is vital that you take a moment to slow down, carry out the appropriate checks and take a longer look for a motorcyclist before pulling out of a junction. As per the new highway code, cars, vans and lorries bear a bigger responsibility than other road users due to their size. Therefore, taking time to check again for motorcycles is part of a driver's duty.

Whether you are pulling out from a junction or changing lane, slow down and carry out your safety checks. They could save a life. 

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