Mon 18 Nov 2019

Everybody should have one…

If you thought this was another Black Friday deal then think again. No headline grabbing deal of the century here I'm afraid. But it is national Power of Attorney day on Wednesday this week.  And we think it's more important than a new TV.

So, even if you are not "old" and even if you're not "ill", please consider a Power of Attorney or at the very least find out a bit more about what they involve.

We're lawyers and so we can give you information on all the legal bits but we're more than lawyers. We have huge experience helping people choose the right Attorneys, understand how they work and avoid all sorts of problems.  Most of all we can help to reduce stress - both for you and for your Attorney.

We're also different because we will give you a fixed fee quote for preparing a Power of Attorney.  Which we stick to.

This week we are going to be posting some blogs about why Powers of Attorney are really important and why you should have one.  Why everyone should have one.

But don't wait until you see what else we've got to say.  And really don't wait until something goes wrong.  Get in touch now if you want to find out more.  You can contact us on

0131 247 1054 or alternatively email

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