Our expert data protection lawyers can assist you in understanding whether your business has suffered a breach and, where appropriate, advise on the next steps.

Data security and cyber security incidents can take many forms and affect organisations of all shapes and sizes, whether public, private or third sector. Preparation is the best defence to maintaining confidentiality, integrity and availability of data, and readiness means building in protocols, policies and procedures to protect against security incidents.  

Our team of expert data protection lawyers provides practical assistance to clients in a wide range of areas, and we can help your organisation identify what policies it needs, prepare and implement those policies, provide tailored training to staff, share threat knowledge, assist with mock incidents and advise on contractual protections and policies. 

Have you suffered a data breach?

We'll help you understand whether your business has suffered a breach. Our dedicated breach response team assists clients with various types and severity of incidents, some of which have been caused by their service providers. 

If you suspect your business has suffered a breach, please contact our dedicated breach response team on 0300 303 1019. 

Notifying the ICO

We’ll determine if a breach must be reported to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), and help you prepare the appropriate notification. We can also help you to understand whether you need to notify the affected data subjects of the breach, and assist you in drafting clear communications informing them of the breach. 

If you have a notifiable personal data breach, you must notify the ICO within 72 hours of discovery. We can assist you in preparing and implementing personal data breach policies and procedures within your organisation, which will enable your staff to act quickly. 

Incident response

Our expertise covers all stages of incident response and clean-up, including:

  • Assessing and managing risks and liabilities. 
  • Evaluating the impact of data disclosure, considering regulatory scrutiny and actions by data subjects. 
  • Reviewing contractual obligations and risks. 
  • Addressing employee-related issues. 
  • Assisting with enforcement actions. 
  • Facilitating dealings with regulators and other affected parties. 

With our support, your data will be better protected and your operations can swiftly return to normal. 

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