Staying up to date with the key legal requirements and best practice in the workplace can save your organisation time and money. Our employment law training programme allows organisations to access high-quality training delivered to smaller groups. We also design and deliver bespoke training for organisations. 

Our practical series of bespoke training courses, as well as free-to-attend essential employment law webinars, covers key employment law and related HR issues brought to you by one of the leading employment law teams in Scotland. 

All of our courses are applicable to the law of Scotland and England and Wales.

Our courses are designed for business owners, HR professionals, line managers, in-house lawyers, finance team members, charity trustees and board appointees seeking an understanding of, or an update on, specific areas of employment law. 

All of our training courses have a practical focus, drawing on our many years of experience of advising both employers and employees on these matters, and appearing before Employment Tribunals. 

Training Programme Leader: Innes Clark

Innes Clark is one of Scotland's most experienced and well-known employment lawyers, having specialised in employment law for around 25 years. He is an accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as a specialist in employment law, and has been listed in the elite "Leading Lawyers" list in Legal 500's guide to outstanding lawyers nationwide. 

In addition to advising clients, Innes has been involved in the provision of employment law training to organisations of all sizes, drawing on his many years of experience in private practice. He also lectures in employment law at the University of Edinburgh and at Edinburgh Napier University. 

Innes is Signet Accredited in employment law, a member of the Employment Lawyers Association and a chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Our employment law training programme

We provide both in-depth training on specific topics and regular free-to-attend essential employment law webinars.

We would be delighted to discuss the provision of any of our training courses, tailored to your workforce. Please contact us for further information.

Our essential employment law webinars cover both current issues and future employment law changes. They last for approximately 50 minutes and are free to attend. They are applicable to the law of Scotland, England and Wales.

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We offer a range of bespoke, practical training courses, drawing on our many years of experience of advising both employers and employees on these matters and appearing before Employment Tribunals.

Claims for discrimination are uncapped, with six- and even seven-figure sums having been awarded by Employment Tribunals in the past few years. Employers who can show that they have taken 'all reasonable steps' to avoid discrimination through appropriate training on equality issues may be able to use this statutory defence against certain discrimination claims arising from the acts of their employees.  

Led by Sarah Gilzean, a leading discrimination expert and an accredited specialist in discrimination law, this training course has been designed to help employers establish a 'reasonable steps' defence in the event that a harassment claim is raised against them.  

Contracts of employment have grown over the past 25 years, from being simple one- or two-page ,documents to now being many pages long, often with complex provisions and references to legislation. This course will cut through the jargon and make sure you have a clear understanding of the key provisions in a contract of employment, as well as an understanding of how the contract can best protect your organisation. We will also look at the concept of constructive dismissal.  

This course is applicable to the law of Scotland and England and Wales. 

The post-pandemic world has required constant adaptions and reviews of business needs. Many organisations have had to consider redundancies or significant changes to working patterns or other terms and conditions of employment. This course will focus on the main areas where it is important to have a working knowledge of certain elements of employment law when planning for and dealing with workplace change.

Disciplinary and grievance issues can cause significant disruption in the workplace and can take up a great deal of management time, as well as expose your organisation to significant financial risk. This course will support you in dealing effectively and efficiently with these issues by looking at all aspects of the disciplinary and grievance process. 

This course is applicable to the law of Scotland and England and Wales. 

This course will help you understand and, most importantly, prepare for what happens when a workplace dispute reaches the Employment Tribunal. Being asked to give evidence as a witness can be a very daunting prospect and we can help you by providing you with key information on what to expect at the Employment Tribunal hearing as well as providing practical tips to ensure that you are able to give evidence in the most effective way possible. We'll also highlight the differences in procedure when giving evidence as a witness in Scotland or England and Wales.

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