The cost of pursuing legal action to reclaim money that is owed can often be off-putting for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), even if they have a strong case. This can lead to bad debt and perfectly good claims being written off, even though they might be recoverable. It doesn’t need to be that way.

Our commercial litigation lawyers can help level the playing field, which is why we have introduced a funding option – called a Success Fee Arrangement – that may help you recover the debt owed to your business without the risk of a traditional 'pay as you go' approach.  

What is a Success Fee Arrangement?

Pending reasonable prospects of winning, a success fee arrangement is where we work on your case and only charge you a fee in the event that you make a financial recovery. To completely de-risk the legal process for you, we also partner with insurers who can provide insurance cover against any award of legal costs made against you if you lose your case.  

Court action at no risk to you

Our fees would be a fixed percentage of the financial recovery that you make. If you don't make a recovery, we don't charge a fee – it is that simple. The same would apply to the premiums for any insurance products you need: the premium would only be payable if you win the case.  

This all means that you would have cost certainty and peace of mind that if you lost the case, you wouldn't have an expensive bill to pay. 

Access to Scotland's top litigators

Our commercial litigation solicitors are highly regarded experts in achieving results for our clients. By instructing us to deal with your claim on a success fee basis, you will have access to one of the largest and experienced litigation teams in Scotland, which means you would maximise your chances of recovering a debt or resolving a dispute that you might otherwise have reluctantly written off. 

Next steps

If you have a debt or dispute that you are considering writing off due to the costs involved in legal action but are interested in trying to recover it on a no-risk basis, please get in touch to find out how our team can assist.

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