Caveats are essential for all businesses. Our litigation lawyers help you set them up, ensuring you’re protected in the event of a court order or petition.

A caveat acts like an early warning system for business owners or senior team members, giving you a heads-up if someone tries to take court action against your company. We recommend setting up caveats at any relevant Sheriff Court related to your business locations, including your main office, and at the Court of Session. They're valid for 12 months but need annual renewal to keep them active. With a caveat in place, we'll be alerted if there's a move to issue an interim order like a winding-up or bankruptcy against your business. 

The main benefit of caveats is the early notice they provide – the last thing you want is a Sheriff Officer turning up unannounced, carrying a court order they could grind your business to a halt. A caveat gives you time to prepare and respond, especially with winding-up petitions. It lets you and your lawyers act quickly to possibly halt the petition's public notice, minimising harm to your business. 

Caveats are an option for all Scottish businesses and certain individuals. Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution team will simplify the process for you. We'll handle all the filing, ensuring you're prepared and protected.  

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